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Each ring is unique and has its own story. Long live yours!

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Aline RingAline Ring
Aline Ring Sale price€53,00
Tiger RingTiger Ring
Tiger Ring Sale priceFrom €85,00
Moss RingMoss Ring
Moss Ring Sale priceFrom €71,00
Land RingLand Ring
Land Ring Sale price€75,00
Birkin RingBirkin Ring
Birkin Ring Sale price€115,00
Memory Ring - thinMemory Ring - thin
Memory Ring - thin Sale price€68,00
Heart Ring - Golden SilverHeart Ring - Golden Silver
Heart Ring - Golden Silver Sale price€72,00
Snake RingSnake Ring
Snake Ring Sale price€83,00
Star RingStar Ring
Star Ring Sale priceFrom €30,00
Memory Ring - extra thinMemory Ring - extra thin
Memory Ring - extra thin Sale price€58,00
Little RingLittle Ring
Little Ring Sale price€78,00
Starter RingStarter Ring
Starter Ring Sale price€115,00
Memory Ring - wideMemory Ring - wide
Memory Ring - wide Sale price€78,00
Square RingSquare Ring
Square Ring Sale price€65,00
Big RingBig Ring
Big Ring Sale price€182,00
Heart Ring - SilverHeart Ring - Silver
Heart Ring - Silver Sale price€63,00