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Circus Jewelry presents you with a world of beauty and curiosity.
We want when someone wears a piece of Circus jewelry to feel like it was designed especially for them.
Circus Jewelry started with a vision, a dream and a passion. We are grateful to be able to create jewelry that makes the wearer feel beautiful and confident


Mariana offers new and authentic designs while merging the bohemian roots of Circus Jewelry. Their visions can be seen in every aspect of the brand. She permeates Circus Jewelry with inspiration, conveying her experience with new ideas in different choices, shapes and paving the way that will lead Circus into the future.

José respectfully preserves the exceptional and authentic image of Circus Jewelry, while developing the company to an international dimension. Under his wings, Circus Jewelry has been experiencing constant growth in new countries.


All of our jewelry is handmade by a team of qualified artisans in a studio in Porto. Our handcrafted pieces feature the highest quality materials, and masterful artisans work diligently to ensure that each piece lives up to Mariana's appreciation for symmetry, not just as a measure of beauty, but also as balance.