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Necklaces tell the moments of our lives.

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Holy Spirit NecklaceHoly Spirit Necklace
Holy Spirit Necklace Sale price€78,00
Courage Necklace
Courage Necklace Sale price€118,00
Saint Michael the Archangel NecklaceSaint Michael the Archangel Necklace
Saint Michael the Archangel Necklace Sale priceFrom €116,00
Sign NecklaceSign Necklace
Sign Necklace Sale priceFrom €103,00
Gin NecklaceGin Necklace
Gin Necklace Sale price€490,00
Chloe NecklaceChloe Necklace
Chloe Necklace Sale price€167,00
Necklace Set Necklace Set
Necklace Set Sale price€235,00
Lovely NecklaceLovely Necklace
Lovely Necklace Sale priceFrom €129,00
Love NecklaceLove Necklace
Love Necklace Sale priceFrom €89,00
Pink NecklacePink Necklace
Pink Necklace Sale priceFrom €56,00
Cross NecklaceCross Necklace
Cross Necklace Sale price€101,00